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Welcome to the website of Uusiouutiset, Finnish Recycling News!

Uusiouutiset is Finlandís number one professional magazine specializing in environmental protection, waste handling, waste management, re-use and recycling. During the past twenty years, it has established a firm position among professionals in the field. Today, the magazine is an invaluable source of information for entrepreneurs, governmental officials, legislators and other experts.

Epoch-making decisions on waste management are being made in Finland right now. The Finnish Recycling News Uusiouutiset will cover the whole legislative process and provide insight into the basis and effects of Finlandís waste management strategy. Our readers will be able to keep up with both current and future developments.

Uusiouutiset will also discuss other major issues of waste handling, waste management and recycling. First hand information, professional views and events both in Finland and abroad will be available in eight issues every year.

The Finnish Recycling News Uusiouutiset is published by Finnish Professional Media SUOMA Ltd, which is owned by Kempulssi Ltd. Uusiouutiset is a member of the Finnish Periodical Publishersí Association.

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